The trial voucher platform, designed to help you keep your existing members and create new ones

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Guest Pass Platform

Grow your base

Welcome new leads and drive conversions with trial vouchers triggered specifically to them via email.

Reduce churn

Give them a reason to stay with a great member portal where they receive guest passes they can use for family and friends

Designed for flexibility

Set up campaigns in no time, targeting the segments you want, right down to the individual.

All without disruption

Hosted separately to your company website, enjoy peace of mind of no downtime and quick iintegration.


Create campaigns to convert

Allow your prospects to get a real member experience. Set up campaigns in no time to target the prospects you want and send them a guest pass voucher.

They’ll receive a voucher via email which they can then redeem on their visit.

Member portal exclusivity

Via the member portal, you can offer your existing members monthly free guest passes that they can use for family and friends each month.

Guest Passes can be allocated based on specific criteria and easily allocated to segmented groups of members at any time, down to a single individual member.

Members simply log into the total to see how many passes they have and claim available ones.

Hosted externally

With no disruption to your website, Guest Pass can be hosted externally and is fully web based.

With simple API integration, it’s quick and easy to integrate.


You’ll have easy access to reports to view number of signups, guest passes created and redeemed whenever you need them. So attributable conversion can be easily calculated.

Make your customers happy

95% customer satisfaction
75% conversion rate of new prospects
30% reduction in churn
Results from a sample of 1,000 customers

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